StarStruckSaga Book Cover || Young Adult Story

Starstruck is book one of a three-story arc that walks you through the experience of two sisters who fall in love unexpectedly to men they never dreamed of meeting. Alexia and Elliana Werth are twins who share more than a mere physical bond. Mentally and emotionally they are connected through their unique abilities to read each other.

Growing up in a traditional strict Greek household, their lives are turned upside down when a boy band checks into their family-run hotel. Young, wealthy and attractive women, they are as different as night and day. They approach life’s dilemmas with alternate strategies and respond differently in every situation. Book one is set in a semi-rural town just north of Toronto, where the story focuses on the twins’ world; their school, friends, work and family life. Two very typical teenage girls with very common teenage worries. That is, until that fateful day that changed their lives forever.

Lexy’s biggest concern was getting her sister to be on time for school for a change, oh and let’s not forget the crow…well, Raven as she’s known to everyone else in school. She has become Lexy’s arch enemy and is quick to always remind her how much prettier and richer and smarter she is every chance she gets.

Elli’s biggest concern you ask? Well, most likely nothing … Oh right! On that day, her biggest concern was convincing her sister to go with her to the hottest house party of the year. There’s just one problem, however…it’s actually Raven’s 19th Birthday party and Lexy flat out refuses.

It was during one of Elli’s passionate pleas to her sister, trying to convince her to go or risk being the laughing stock at school, when two young men walked into their father’s hotel. That’s how fate interfered, and just like that, brought two unlikely couples together.

Gavin Berg and Nathan Markus came to the quiet town to record their new album in peace, looking to escape their celebrity and the chaos that surrounded their hectic lives. Neither one ever suspected that this fated trip would throw them in the arms of love. Having experienced life in an environment where instant gratification came with a fast lifestyle, fast women, and plenty of indulgence, how do they act in the low-key subdued world of two young women never exposed to anything remotely as exciting? How do these superstars make a lasting connection without relying on their persona to impress the twins? Would these down-to-earth girls see them and love them for who they truly are and not what the world perceives them to be?

As the twins try to navigate through first love, their last year of high school and the pending separation as they embark on a new chapter of their lives away at different universities, the reader will experience two opposing views and gain a better understanding of two diversely different perspectives on the journey. What if two young women were dealt the exact same fate, but chose two distinctive paths? Where will each path take them? How they end up dealing with it has a direct impact on each of their relationship outcomes. The reader will no doubt be able to identify and relate to one of the twins depending on their own intrinsic beliefs and values. Do you react emotionally like Lexy, or are you a logical thinker like Elli? Choose a course for better or worse and live, learn and grow with them.

Book one is primarily an account of true teenage romance under extreme circumstances. It captures the fun and excitement of dating superstars and it is super-infused with witty dialogue and smart humour throughout, offering comic relief and depth to each character. Jam-packed with high school drama, teen idol mania and a suspenseful sub-plot that threatens the lives of the girls, making this story a true page-turner.